Learn SDLC

Narayan Iyer conducts training on SDLC to Corporates

Today individual developers need to adapt to the life cycle adopted by the company they work for.

It is possible that a particular company use V-model SDLC and other use a modified water-fall model. It is important for an employee to understand the concept of SDLC and how one SDLC differs from other.

Narayan conducts training to employees to illustrating the SDLC models and its practical implication.

The training includes exercises and case studies for e.g. for a particular problem which SDLC model can be applied.

The training also includes illustration of various phases and their inputs and outputs within the software development life cycle.

Narayan, having been a PMP certified earlier has the necessary background to take this training.

Being a technical leader, he was also a PMP champion for the group he worked at Intel Corporation, USA.

This training is necessary for employees who have recently joined a company and the company want to impart process specific training.