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"The best training i ever had - no nonsense and practical! "

by: Siddarth S, Multicore Training attendee



"The best training I have ever had - no jargons and no complexity. C++ in the most simplest form ever. And the most amazing thing is that we had hands on experience while learning - all theory learnt so far made sense. "

by: Priyadharshani P,  attendee of C++ Programming training



"The concept of memory, processors & cache was great"

by: Raghu Ram, Multicore Trainig attendee


"When you showed the practical application - it was like all the theoretical content learnt made sense. It it no rocket science! "

by: Sourabh Sharma., Multicore Training attendee



"The training was awesome., to be frank it was more than training for me. Just wondered why my previous lectures made so complex to explain such a simple common sense. "

by: Sudarshan S, C Programming Training attendee


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