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"The best training i ever had - no nonsense and practical! "

by: Siddarth S, Multicore Training attendee



"The best training I have ever had - no jargons and no complexity. C++ in the most simplest form ever. And the most amazing thing is that we had hands on experience while learning - all theory learnt so far made sense. "

by: Priyadharshani P,  attendee of C++ Programming training



"The concept of memory, processors & cache was great"

by: Raghu Ram, Multicore Trainig attendee


"When you showed the practical application - it was like all the theoretical content learnt made sense. It it no rocket science! "

by: Sourabh Sharma., Multicore Training attendee



"The training was awesome., to be frank it was more than training for me. Just wondered why my previous lectures made so complex to explain such a simple common sense. "

by: Sudarshan S, C Programming Training attendee


Latest News: Multicore Training content upgraded to include CUDA programming basics

About Narayan Iyer

Narayan Iyer has over 18 years of experience in software technology industry. He has worked for various technology startup companies (in the US & India) and spent around eight years at Intel. He is currently pursuing his passion on providing trainings to corportes and academia.

Narayan regularly undertakes professional training to corporates on Multicore Architecture & Programming.

At Intel he has held both Technical Research Staff and Engineering Management positions. At intel research labs he was involved in research area related to storage virtualization. He has extensive knowledge on Intel architecture and Tools. During his overall work, he has been involved in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) playing a role of Technical Staff to managing the project. He was Awarded PMP certification from PMI (having validity 2006-2009).

While working for Intel he was also involved with academic relationships program such as the IXA University program and the Intel Multi-core University program.

He has participated and provided inputs in various state and national wide curriculum improvement program including inputs on VTU curriculum (for Multicore technology). Narayan has also chaired the panel of judges for Intel India Research Contests.

In 2007 June, Narayan left Intel India to start his company & pursue his entrepreneurship aspiration. He consulted with Intel Higher Education team on Multicore & Embedded systems program. Narayan is passionate about training. He has undertaken numerious multicore workshops to colleges/universities all over India.

Narayan is also a founder of Science Society of India mainly created to promote innovation amongst school children & project based learning. He has chaired national science fair Initiative for Research & Innovation in Science (IRIS) promoted by CII, DST & Intel.

Narayan holds a Bachelor in Computer Engineering from Bombay University. He has also done his Post Graduate Diploma in Software Technology from NCST (now CDAC), Mumbai. He has interest in the field of Multi-core Architecture, Parallel programming, Secure programming, Web Technologies, Networking, Technology Training and Open Source Software projects.

He has a US patent published on partitioned systems address translation.

He can be reached at +91 990 240 1476 or via email ni2@yahoo.com